Since 2012, DoubleRock has invested in high potential technology companies disrupting big data, SaaS, mobile, and IoT sectors. 



Enterprise, Data-CEntric Technologies and Pedigreed Founders

DoubleRock is an early stage venture capital fund located in San Francisco. We invest primarily in enterprise and data-centric technologies, forecasting the integration of rich, automated data solutions with connected devices and vertical-specific applications in high-data output industries such as healthcare, finance, and enterprise management. 

At DoubleRock, we adhere to these three tenets, offering focused value to portfolio companies at a stage when we can significantly impact their bottomline to ensure their long-term success:

1) Invest in What We Know - Data-centric and Enterprise Technologies

2) Identify Promising Entrepreneurs Early in the Lifecycle of their Ventures -  Seed/Series A Focused

3) Persistently Add Value to Our Portfolio - Brand Building, Talent Resources, and Operations Guidance





The bread and butter of any good investor is his or her ability to generate quality deal flow. At DoubleRock, we have built long-lasting relationships with major incubators, Fortune 100 companies, and co-investors within Silicon Valley and abroad. We establish relationships with entrepreneurs early, even when they are still figuring out business models and go to market strategies. If your company fits within our thesis, we would love to hear from you



We are thorough in our investment approach. From the first meeting to the last, we encourage transparency. Following initial meetings, our fund undergoes both internal and external review, leveraging decades of industry knowledge, partnerships with research affiliates, and co-investor relationships. Ultimately, we want to make the most informed decision possible regarding: investment fit within our thesis; valuation; and our firm's ability to provide tangible value to a company's growing needs. 



We offer lasting value to our entrepreneurs through a variety of methods:

  • Brand Building 
    • Brand asset acquisition, UX design, fundraising strategy, and channel relationships
  • International Expansion 
    • Our managing team has relationships in both India and China tech markets
  • Talent Recruiting
    • In-house recruiting lists tailored to your product needs and culture fit
    • Hiring strategies to help you plan the growth of your team
  • Operation and Technical Guidance
    • Managing team possess decades of technology management consulting experience including growth and exit strategies
    • xpanded resource team of tech industry veterans 



We believe in the power of storytelling. Good entrepreneurs are good storytellers. At DoubleRock we are interested in the narrative you craft regarding your company's value proposition. What story are you trying to tell the market? What story are you trying to tell prospective investors? How will you tell it? We can help you convey your value whether it is through brand asset acquisition, brand redesign, or pitching walkthroughs. Here are some of the brands we've helped: